SF-290s single surface adsorption machine

Технические параметры:

General technical parameters:

1.Working width:1800···

Описание продукта

Structural features:

The use of suction hood structure, with high - pressure strong fan. The air suction is equipped with sound attenuation device, and the air source and electrical control are concentrated in the same operating cabinet. The distance from the main machine is not less than 1.5m.

The operating side is fully closed and covered.Machine base and wallboard cast iron structure, wallboard thickness of 130mm. Universal joint drive.

The corrugated roller material is made of 48 crmo alloy steel, after tempering, medium frequency quenching, surface polishing, corrugated roller diameter ¢293 mm, surface hardness above HRC60 degrees (optional, tungsten carbide roll and surface hardness HV1200). Key parts of the tile roller, pressure roller bearings using wafangdian high temperature bearings.

The pressure roller ¢320 mm, surface grinding and chrome plated treatment; The cylinder is controlled to move up and down, and the material is medium carbon steel no.45, tempering and tempering treatment (with buffer device).

The pneumatic control to glue back glue, glue spreader with 25 215 mm diameter surface after polishing line after pit type checker processing hard chromium plating processing, scraping the rubber roller surface after grinding hard chromium plating processing.

Raw materials of corrugated roller and pressure roller are provided by zhongyuan special steel co., LTD. The corrugated roller has a top middle height of 0.15mm on one side and a middle height of 0.075mm on the other side. Add limit device.

The up preheater diameter is Φ400mm down preheater diameter is Φ600mm。