станок для производства гофротары

Технические параметры:

Printing die-cutting part

The main technical parameters:

Описание продукта

(1) Computer and electrical control

11. Order preset (for orders that have not been made before) input the size of new orders according to the requirements on the 10.4 inch computer color screen, and the machine automatically adjusts the position of each part, general paper Box, a trial printing can be adjusted to the correct position, reduce cardboard waste.

Automatically adjusted positions include:

(1)    Position of the gearbox at the leading edge of the feeding section.

(2)       The position of the left baffle, right baffle and back baffle of the paper feeding section.

(3)   The printing position of each printing department.

(4)Position of tool before die cutting slot.

2Data storage: when the data of processed products is correct, the current data can be saved for the next use; When it is used again, it can be adjusted automatically according to the instruction, saving the time of regulating, and it can store 1000 orders.

3The adjustment data can be adjusted independently. When the order function is not needed, the data can be input independently and automatically run, greatly reducing the adjustment time.

4fault display: can make the operator in the process of machine operation through the fault display, can find out the cause of the fault in time.

5Computer original data correction: when the original data is lost after machine maintenance, the user can directly correct the original data on the color screen, shortening the user's time in maintenance, so as to facilitate the user to use.

6memory return to zero: the machine in the process of work, such as the need to open the machine to erase the version or a small amount of version change, in the machine closed can automatically restore the original position.

7controllable anilox roller lifting: when a group of temporary do not need to print, controllable made of the group of anilox roller does not need to drop, do not need to clean the roller.

8It can set the time and interval of paper cleaning freely, making the operation more flexible and suitable for personal operation habits.

9The main touch screen displays the speed of the machine in real time, and can turn on or off the main motor.

10The main screen shows the quantity set by the order, the quantity already produced and the remaining (unproduced) quantity of the order. When the quota is completed, the paper feeding will stop automatically, and the anilox roller will automatically leave the printing plate.

11Constant speed cruise function: the machine is equipped with four-speed cruise function (40, 80, 120, 160). As long as the corresponding constant speed cruise button is pressed, the machine will automatically accelerate or decelerate to the corresponding speed.

12The feeding screen displays the position and size of the baffle board and has the function of upper and lower limit alarm protection.

13When the machine runs unexpectedly, the screen displays overload and stops automatically.

14Visualized production device, in front of the machine, you can watch the rear working situation through an independent display screen, so as to cooperate with the work.

15Visualized production device, in front of the machine, you can watch the rear working situation through an independent display screen, so as to cooperate with the work.

16in each unit of the machine can be positive and negative point moving main motor, etc.

     17Automatic extension function, the machine can  automatically and evenly separate all units.

18fan frequency conversion control, adjust the air volume on the touch screen.

19The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor control, energy saving, stable, equipped with motor start protection device, equipped with automatic alarm device.

20the machine all phase frequency conversion control, phase in the version and large distance adjustment of high-speed operation, half a minute or so version of the roller can be adjusted for a week; At the end of automatic phase adjustment, it automatically switches to low speed mode, which not only accelerates the speed of order changing, but also ensures the precision of adjustment.

21Optional remote maintenance function, zero maintenance.

22If the machine is equipped with remote maintenance function, when the company's software is improved, the machine can be upgraded free of charge within three years after leaving the factory.

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